Holy Hormones | Why You Can’t Lose Weight

The answer to this question has to do with your hormones, not how much you eat or how much you exercise.  The specific hormone is called Leptin.  It is the hormone that tells your body to stop eating and to burn fat.  If your Leptin is out of balance, despite your best efforts, you will not be able to lose weight.

You know what I’m talking about.  You try the grapefruit diet.  You try the Zone diet.  You try the South Beach Diet and you still can’t lose weight or keep it off.  You work out on the treadmill.  Still you hit a wall.

That’s called weight loss resistance.  With this imbalance, you will burn sugar for energy, not fat.  You won’t be able to lose weight and you’ll have uncontrollable cravings for sugar or bread.  Remember, fat doesn’t make you fat, it’s the inability to burn fat.  If you have a Leptin problem, you will not be able to lose weight until that is fixed.

Here’s what happens when it’s fixed:

  1. Greg S.:  Lost 40+ pounds in 3 months and has kept it off for a year.  Cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar are all normal without medication!
  2. Tom D.:  Lost 48 lbs in 12 weeks.  Triglycerides went from 800 to 80!
  3. Deb L.:  Lost 70+ pounds with the Advanced Plan and surge training!
  4. Art D.:  Has lost over 50 lbs and is no longer diabetic!
  5. Mary W.:  Lost 60 lbs and is off at least 5 medications!

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